Wintrust has real time investment opportunities for clients that seek to provide complete financial freedom and security to beneficiaries. The returns on investors’ funds are very encouraging and paid promptly as treated as desired by the investor. Our investment schemes are also very flexible and meet the investment needs of everyone. Returns on investment always promised to be not less than 3% above the Ghana Treasury bill rate per annum.

Life Trust Account

The objective of this account is to increase the saving culture of our customer(s) where they were discourage because of the lower interest given by other traditional banks. Our aim is to outperform interest rates being offered by the Government of Ghana note and other investments instruments or institutions. The account is a monthly investment where the customer choose the amount to contribute for a period not less than three years. The customer earns between 15%-20% on the investment yearly. The amount invested is driven by high interest earnings which benefits investors who would like to invest regularly.

Winner's Fund

The objective of this account is to give higher guaranteed returns on Investments to customers who will invest a lump sum amount for a period of one to ten years. This account is naturally a high yielding account as compared to dwindling and unattractive nature of treasury bills. The customer has the privilege of investing in any currency of choice and the return is paid in the currency invested.

Returns on investments is from 25% to 35%.

Life Start Fund

This account is intended for the future of children. The minimum years of investment are five years regular investment. The customer can invest on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The funds helps to eliminate the hardship of investing and managing your own funds but offers your money to grow at a pace above inflation and depreciation of the currency whiles making real returns for your future childs security. This account is also suitable for churches and corporate organizations who have a welfare scheme or provident fund schemes.


  • You get a gurranteed returns on your investments.
  • Easy entry and exits.
  • Easy access to our products and services
  • Your money is secure and increasing while you rest.
  • Your investment can serve as a security for credit facilities from wintrust.
  • Your financial security is assured. 
  • Negotiable interest rates.
  • Compounding interest.
  • Certificate of investment
  • Free advisory services.