About us overview

About us overview

Wintrust Capital Limited is a financial and an investment organization incorporated in Ghana and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. Unlike our competitors, we are specialized in protecting clients funds while securing healthy profits/returns on their investments. 

Wintrust Capital Limited is keen in meeting the financial needs of its clients. This we do by bringing together investors who want real value on their investments and those seeking for friendly financial support and services. Our management team has about twenty years of experience in both investment, banking and financial services. 

The main goal of Wintrust Capital Limited is to ensure a profitable company that is able to offer superior products and services to its customers as well as maintain its market share to maximize returns for shareholders.  This is why with our diversified portfolio we combine technology and a team of experienced professionals to achieve our set goals. We pride ourselves in following high ethical standards in every aspect of our business.

At Wintrust, we provide you with services comparable to both local and international standards. It does not matter where you are located you can still do business with us.

We provide three major services.

You can reach us on 0302985234 / 0244137721 / 0501282370 for further enquires, our team will be happy to serve you.


Wintrust exist to be number one financial solution provider in Africa and the world.


To provide a tailor made financial solution to our customers across the world using competent professional team and state of the art technology to give value to our stakeholders.


  • Excellence
  • Humility
  • Hardwork
  • Profitability.